One garment. Twelve amazing ways to wear it!

Twelveways is designed to be the solution for the practical & modern everyday lifestyle. Transforming into 12 unique and easy-to-use styles.



Get ready for Valentine’s Date

change the way you look in minutes with your Twelveways.

Twelveways is perfect for traveling and easy to use.

The must have piece to maximize space when packing. Its versatility provides 12 styles with one garment.

We are proud to say that our product is the #1 compact and light-weight convertible dress on the market. 


Use your Twelveways for any occasion.

Twelveways is the must-have piece for your basic wardrobe. It adapts to any occasion or function and takes you through your day from casual to business & formal.

Twelveways never goes out of style, its simple yet dynamic design and functionality allow you to play and get creative.

Model Jessica Sikosek.

Model Jessica Sikosek.

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Get inspired...

find your look by combining your Twelveways as a top, skirt or dress.



practical and fashionable nine months.


Beautiful belly!

Feel trendy and effortless all the time. Twelveways transforms and grows with you from day one. You will find that this comfortable and flexible piece is all you need before, during, and after pregnancy.



From casual to cocktail!

Easy transformation using your Twelveways